Chloe Ting star Chloe Ting dies at 49

Chloe Tings latest film, Chloe the Musical, has closed its run in India and will be shown on TV channels in the country.

The movie, which has grossed over Rs 200 crore in its run, has been shown on television channels and movie theatres, according to a report by the Times of the India.

Chloe Tings movie has a total of 441 cinemas across the country, according the report.

Chloi Tings father said he had been working for almost a year and his daughter has given him great confidence that she is in good hands, according TOI.

Chloes father has told reporters he is working on a project for her, and is looking forward to her first major international film.

Chloi said the movie was going to be made with her brother, and he had decided to focus on her.

Choleston Ting has played Chloie Ting in more than 60 movies, including the hits, Chlois Bigger and Chloies Bigger Than the World, and Chloe’s Bigger than the World 2.