Anime website to make it easier for people to buy imvu Classic

Imvu Classic, the online retailer that makes anime-related items, will soon allow people to purchase a series of items including clothing, accessories and more.

Imvu said it will open up the Imvu catalog to the public this fall.

It’s one of the first times an online retailer has opened up a collection of merchandise, which includes anime-themed clothing and toys.

The new Imvu Catalog will be available through its website,, and will include clothing, shoes, clothing accessories, manga books, comics and more, Imvu’s vice president of global marketing, John P. Gebbels, said in a statement.

The catalog will be open to anyone with a credit card and a bank account.

“With Imvu, we’re not just providing you with a collection, we are providing a platform to get your collection into the hands of consumers,” Gebbs said.

“The Imvu catalogue will be one of our most valuable assets in the marketplace and will drive the next wave of merchandise and services that will drive demand for the brand.”

Imvu launched in 1999, and the company currently sells about 4 million items per year.

Imuvu said it has seen a strong consumer demand for anime, anime-inspired items and merchandise that is now available on its online catalog.

In 2016, the company reported a loss of $4.7 billion, including $1.4 billion in revenue from its merchandise business.

Imu launched its Anime Store in 2017 and has sold more than 5 million items, Gebba said.