Chloe Ting’s online jewelry store ‘will change the way you look’

Chloe Tinkler, the founder of Omegle, has become a household name in the online jewelry world.

The 28-year-old designer, who works with a handful of clients in Washington, is the daughter of a jewelry store owner and a jewelry designer who made jewelry for her dad.

Tink is known for her high-quality work, including her gold-rimmed wedding ring, which she says she has been wearing for months.

In a recent interview with The Washington Free Beacon, Tink said she wanted to create an online jewelry shop to help people get the best jewelry they can afford.

Ting said her goal is to change the ways people think about jewelry and what it means to buy a piece.

“I just want people to realize that jewelry is an investment and the value that you can put on a piece is different than the value of the piece itself,” Tink told The Free Beacon.

Tinks jewelry shop opened on Oct. 19 and has since become a hit.

She said the customers are “unbelievably generous” and have been “unlike any other store I’ve ever been at.”

Tink has a wide variety of designs and different styles, including some jewelry made from gemstones, silver, bronze, gold and other metals.

The store’s collection of jewelry is on display at the Jewelers & Collectors Association convention.

The company also has a website where customers can compare and purchase their jewelry online.

Tinking said the jewelry shop will change the industry, because people are more aware of what they are getting for their money.

“People are just getting better and better,” Tinks said.

“The market has gotten better and worse.

But we are making a difference.”

The company sells in-person jewelry sales at a number of locations, including an online shop in New York City.

The jewelry shop has also expanded to include online sales.

Customers can pick up jewelry from their computer, mobile phone, tablet or on the go with Tink’s app.

The online shop has had a huge success.

The business has over 1 million orders, and it is planning on adding more locations to its inventory, Tinks CEO said.

She hopes that the company can make the store even more popular in the future.

“We want to be a place where people can find the jewelry they want,” Tinker said.