‘Wedding site’ has no ‘wedding’ in the title

When you go online to buy a wedding ring, you’re not just looking for a fancy, shiny ring.

Instead, you’ll be using a wedding website.

You may have seen one on your favourite social media sites.

Or you might have tried to find a wedding on a website like WeddingShopping or WeddingWire.

Then, on the wedding website you’re visiting, there’s no “weddings” section.

“No wedding,” says WeddingShops CEO Chris Woodcock.

The company was founded by Woodcock and his partner Nicky Taylor in 2008.

He says the site’s not a “waste of time” but rather “is a platform for you to have a personalised experience with your ring.”

The first “Weddings Are For Fun” video was released in 2010.

It was designed by Woodlock, who has worked with many brands and brands of brands.

In 2017, Woodlock’s team created a “Wings For Fun website”.

“The idea was, we wanted to have something that we thought was really special,” he says.

A “Wishes Are For Life” video, released in 2017, shows a young bride with her wedding rings, and the words “Ways to Make It Happen”.

But the company says it’s not trying to be the “Wish You” website.

It just wants to “make the process of getting married fun”.

And if that’s the case, how can you possibly want to spend all day getting a wedding?

The site has become a place to find what you want, to buy what you need and to be entertained by people who are “getting married for the first time”, says Woodcock, who hopes to get more people involved.

Weddies Are For You is currently the only “weds” site that lets you shop for rings.

But Woodlock says the concept has spread.

More than 30,000 people use the site every day.

Woodlock hopes the idea will spread to other types of websites too.

As he puts it, “it’s not just for weddings.

It’s for everything.”

It’s a trend he hopes will spread.

“I hope we’ll see a trend that it’s the best way to spend your life.”

What do you think of the idea of a wedding site that just wants you to “buy a wedding”?

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Originally published as ‘Weds for Fun’ goes live