How to get a job in Kentucky

A wayfair website has posted jobs for anyone with a smartphone who needs them.

A job posting posted Thursday for a clerk at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture says, “If you want a job at a grocery store or food delivery, please call us.”

Wayfair’s job postings list a variety of industries including construction, landscaping, and agriculture.

The website is the latest sign that the internet-based retail giant is trying to make a mark in Kentucky’s labor market.

The site is not the first time the company has touted job opportunities for workers.

In January, the company announced that it had launched a new job posting site called MyWayfair, which features jobs in the construction industry.

The company’s job listing page for Kentucky said that “many of the positions are available as part of the MyWayFair community.”

WayFair has been busy with the expansion of its Louisville and Indianapolis stores, which now include locations in the city and Indianapolis.

The stores are expected to open in mid-March.