When you want to make a prank call, the Internet can be your best friend

By James Cook and Alexei MalashenkoIn the past few years, social media platforms have emerged as the most important tool for prank callers, but this trend is likely to be curtailed in the future, says James Cook, director of the MIT Media Lab’s Media Lab and the founder of the project Hacktivist.

“The internet is one of the tools that is most useful to prank caller.

So what we need to be careful about is that it’s not the only tool.

The same could be said for email or a phone call,” he says.

“You could make a lot of good calls, but they will be far more likely to result in a hoax than an authentic call.”

As for making a prank, there’s no shortage of tricks to get your hands on a fake call.

It’s possible to spoof the caller’s address, or you could send a text message to the fake number.

It also depends on the type of call.

In some cases, the caller may be asking for money or threatening to kill the caller, while in others, they may be requesting the call be made in a foreign language.

In a couple of cases, a prank may also be made by tricking the caller into believing the call was made by the police.

“For example, in one recent incident, a fake caller in Brazil made a hoax call in which he threatened to kill a woman who had called the police to report the alleged rape,” says Cook.

“In reality, the police were actually investigating a robbery at a restaurant.

They actually did call the woman, but instead of telling her what was going on, the prank call made the call sound like it was made in response to a 911 call.”

Hacktivism’s aim is to use the power of the internet to bring people together for the purpose of making prank calls.

In addition to the internet, other ways of making a hoax include:The following are some of the more common ways of getting a fake phone number, as well as some of their consequences:You can also send an email to the real phone number.

But you can only use one number for each person.

You can’t use more than one phone number for an email or message.

You can get a fake email address from your email account.

But the address has to match the actual phone number on your account.

For more on hacking, see Hacktivists Anonymous and Anonymous: The Rise of the Hacktiver.

Hacktivist’s website features a list of some of its most popular calls.

And in the video below, Hacktikat users can listen to an audio clip from a call where a person in a wig is talking to a man who claims to be the owner of a business in New York City.

The call has a strange ring to it: the man in the wig is actually a police officer, and the voiceover is so strange it sounds like a recording.