Which websites should you use for your news feed?

The search giant has recently unveiled a new tool to help you decide which sites to use to find and share the latest news.

In a new update, Facebook said it will now automatically add content from popular news outlets to your News Feed when you search for news or videos.

“The News Feed is a great place to share, discuss, and discover the latest in tech news,” Facebook said in a blog post.

“Now you can add content directly from our news partners.

They will add content to your news Feed to help bring you the news you want, when you want it.”

Facebook added that you’ll also see a pop-up on your News tab asking you whether you want to add the content.

“This will help you choose which websites to share your news with, so you can be sure you’ll see content from the same source.”

You can see a list of popular sites below the news feed, and you can choose to share articles directly from the partners you like to read the most.

You can also see what kinds of stories they’ve published so far in your News feed.

Facebook says the new feature will automatically add the sites you search to your feed to help increase your exposure.

You’ll need to change the setting on your news feeds to the ‘Edit’ option in order to do so.

The company has also announced a new app, News Feed Pro, that allows you to manage your news consumption, share and manage stories, and more.

The app lets you manage your feeds, share news stories, view news and videos, and much more.

Facebook said that the new app will also help you “find the right stories to share with friends and family”.

The company also said that you can now also check news content by clicking on the ‘Like’ button next to a story.

“You can also view the latest trending stories on Facebook by clicking ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’,” the company said.

“Facebook’s News Feed will now be a great way to share the news and get updates from the world’s most popular news partners, whether you’re looking for something new or finding something that’s already been shared.”

Facebook said the new tool is available to users of iOS, Android and desktop browsers.

You should also note that the update is rolling out in the US.