Facing new unemployment figures: How to know how many people are still unemployed in America

The unemployment rate for July, a month that ended with a record high of 6.6%, has not been updated since June.

The figure is higher than the 5.9% unemployment rate reported last week by the Labor Department.

But even with that, it remains lower than the 4.9%, which had been the most-cited number in the past year.

The jobless rate remains lower even though more people are working part-time and in part-year jobs.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center, released Monday, shows the unemployment rate is now lower than it was at the end of August, when the Labor department reported the unemployment-to-population ratio was 4.8%.

The unemployment-population-ratio was 4 percent in July 2017, the first time that ratio has been below 5% in more than two years.

The unemployment figure for July was revised to 5.1% from 5.3%.

A new poll of the unemployed in the first quarter showed the percentage of the nation still unemployed rose to 13.3% from 12.8%, and the number of people actively seeking jobs fell to 6.1 million from 6.4 million.

The Labor Department said Monday that job openings increased by 2.1%, from 18.3 million in July to 20.6 million in the month of August.

That number includes 1.7 million jobs created by businesses.

The report showed that while the number and rate of people looking for jobs has been rising since the start of the year, the number has fallen in recent weeks.

This includes the first two months of the fiscal year, when job openings declined.

In July, the average number of job openings for employers was 5.8 per month, the Labor survey said.

The average number for non-farm businesses was 7.6 per month.

A majority of job seekers were unemployed in July, with 47.4% of the private sector and 48.6% of public-sector employees unemployed.

The median age of the job seekers was 29.8 years, down from 31.3 in July.

The labor-force participation rate for all age groups fell to 67.7%, the lowest rate since the last Labor Department survey in December.

The number of Americans unemployed fell to 7.9 million, down slightly from 8.3 mil in July 2016.

The employment-population rate was 73.1%.

The labor force participation rate is the percentage people who want to work or have applied for work.

The official unemployment rate, which includes people who have actively looked for a job but have not found one, is also down from the previous month’s low of 76.2%.

The Labor survey was conducted Aug. 31-Sept. 2 among a random sample of 4,006 adults aged 16 and older in the United States.

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–CNNMoney reporter Michael Gerson contributed to this report.