AARP: AARP to offer free gaming service to customers

The National Association of Retired Persons (NARP) is offering free gaming to members through its gaming portal.

The program is being introduced as part of the Association of Retailer Employees for Retirement.

The NARP is also offering free game play for members who sign up for the group’s website.

The game will be available for free for six months.

The site will also offer access to a game library, which will allow members to play the latest games on their consoles and PCs.

GamePlay, which launched in March and now includes more than 100 titles, will continue to expand as more retailers start accepting the service.

The games include the popular shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the new action title, Overwatch.

The service will be free for members, and they can get access to the games at any time, as long as they pay for a membership.

“We are excited to introduce the free gaming for retirees to our community,” said Rob Kiel, president and CEO of the NARP.

“Retirees and their families are looking for a way to get gaming at a great price.

We hope this free gaming program will help them stay connected and motivated to take advantage of their benefits.”

The company said it will work with the National Retail Federation (NRF), which operates the GamePlay portal, to help retailers get the game on shelves.

The NRF’s chief financial officer, Craig Smith, said the group will continue offering the program for the foreseeable future.

The GamePlay service launched in May with games from the likes of Valve, EA, Ubisoft and Ubisoft Canada. “

These free gaming sessions are a great way for our members to spend time together and provide them with a more fun and engaging gaming experience.”

The GamePlay service launched in May with games from the likes of Valve, EA, Ubisoft and Ubisoft Canada.

The online service was a big hit with the gaming community.

The free gaming is part of a wider trend in the gaming industry to offer gaming access to retired consumers.

Games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Grand Theft Auto V, as well as Call of Dutys upcoming Call of Heroes expansion, have also offered gaming to retirees.