When is a dog owner ready to adopt?

The Associated Press has obtained emails obtained by The Associated Statesman from an email account used by former Ohio Gov.

John Kasich that show him discussing a proposal for the state to allow dog owners to adopt dogs from shelters.

The emails, obtained through a public records request, were written in early December.

They show Kasich saying that the state would “need to go a bit deeper” with adopting pets.

The Ohio Republican said in the email that he had been contacted by several other state leaders to discuss the proposal.

“I’m glad that the people at the governor’s office are listening and will let us know if there is any additional time we can be involved,” Kasich wrote.

He also said the state could “get in on it.”

In a subsequent email, Kasich said that if the proposal passes the Senate, the state will begin working with the city of Columbus to have its own ordinance to allow dogs from the shelter system.

The AP has reached out to the Ohio Department of Health and Human Services for comment.