How to stop ads on Netflix website

The Netflix website is being investigated for its advertising and tracking practices, with the US Department of Justice and the US Federal Trade Commission demanding answers over whether Netflix is violating net neutrality rules by making its own ad network available to sites like Amazon and eBay.

The DOJ and FTC have requested the company’s internal documents, which it will turn over to them at a later date, according to a letter to Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings sent on Wednesday.

It is also seeking details of the company´s business model for how it sells advertising to third-party companies and the ways it is tracking users and monetises the content of its own websites.

In its letter, Netflix also said it is working with US regulators and “law enforcement authorities” to “get to the bottom of this matter and determine whether there is any merit to the allegations” and whether any “lawful remedies exist”.

Netflix said it would comply with the DOJ and US Federal Communications Commission’s request, which is set to be heard in the US District Court in Washington DC on Wednesday afternoon.

It said that it has complied with the court’s order by “de-prioritising and eliminating” its use of the third-parties ad network, which was “partially responsible for the content on the Netflix site and the advertising revenue that it generates”.

“This practice, however, has not stopped us from continuing to use the third party ad network and other methods to monetise our site and other content on our site,” Netflix said in the letter.

Netflix also said that the company has implemented a “code of conduct” that it is “committed to maintaining to prevent similar violations in the future”.

The company also said the “code is not binding on third parties” and is not enforceable.

However, Netflix has been criticised by privacy groups for using its own advertising platform to generate revenue from its streaming service.

In October, Netflix said that its “business model” would allow it to collect more than 100% of its revenue from advertising on its website, with ads appearing on other websites.

Netflix’s website is the largest on the internet, and the company is one of the most visited sites on the site, accounting for almost a third of internet traffic.

The website has also been used by the FBI, the NSA and US military intelligence.

The government said that Netflix’s third- party ad sales would not violate net neutrality, and that the third parties would have to pay for the ads, and if they did not, Netflix would be responsible for delivering the ads to their subscribers.

However the DOJ has already said that “the FBI is not a customer of Netflix”, and that “if Netflix did not have a third party payment provider, Netflix’s advertising revenue would be significantly higher than it is today”.

Netflix has also said its ad sales are “minimal” compared to other companies, and said that their ad revenue is not the main source of revenue for the site.

Netflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment.