The latest Google News is about to explode!

The latest edition of Google News comes with an unexpected twist: The Google News has become a kind of social network.

The company is rolling out a new search function called Google News Plus, which will let users search for news from news websites across the world.

Google News Now, Google’s own news app, is also coming to Android smartphones and tablets.

The Google News app is designed to complement Google News, which has a similar interface.

And, like Google News today, Google News also includes an “advanced search” section, which allows users to type in the keywords that they want to search for, as well as a new “advances search” feature.

Google News Plus will allow users to search by keyword, city, country, city limits, or other keywords.

Users can also “browse” by keyword or category, by type of news or news content, or by news topics, to narrow their search results to the ones they’re looking for.

The Google news app also has an “app icon” that appears on the bottom of the screen when users tap on the app icon.

Google will add a number of other features to the Google News interface.

The first is a feature that will let you choose between Google’s new, more modern and more personal Google News Stories.

Google will also add a search bar to the top of the app.

Google said the new features will roll out over the next few weeks.