How to get your hands on an iPhone 5S with the latest specs

Apple is planning to launch a new iPhone 5s with the company’s next-generation iPhone 5 model in the fall.

The phone is expected to have a 5.5-inch display and will feature a 5,280mAh battery.

Apple is expected make the device available at a launch event in October.

However, AppleInsider’s source has confirmed to AppleInsiders that the device will have a 4G LTE network and a fingerprint scanner.

The 5S will also be a dual-SIM model, meaning that users can choose between a nanoSIM or nanoSD card slot.

AppleInsiders was not able to confirm whether the iPhone 5 will feature an upgraded version of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, or if Apple will use a 3D Touch sensor.

The company is expected release an updated iPhone in September.