How to make the perfect cat nap (from the internet)

When you want to get your cat to sleep in an even more adorable fashion, this is the site for you.

Pete Buttigieg is a blogger who posts cat-inspired articles on her blog and her Twitter account.

A friend recommended her blog because she is such a cat lover and the articles have inspired her to make cat nap accessories.

You will want to be careful when choosing a fabric for your cat nap, because there are some great fabrics out there, like wool, which is soft and soft at the same time.

It’s also important to use a fabric that is at least four inches (10 cm) wide, or about one inch (2 cm) long and one inch wide.

Some of her designs use recycled cotton and wool, and she also uses recycled bamboo, but you can also use cotton fabrics.

She uses a variety of fabrics for her cat nap sets, like silk, silk-blend, and cotton-blended.

The first set of cat nap essentials can be purchased on Etsy, but the set that comes with her book, Cat Naps: A Book of Cat Napping Essentials, is the most affordable, and will set you back just under $10.

Be sure to check out more of her adorable designs at Pete