How to find the best websites to buy your stuff from

Best Buy, Walmart and Microsoft have all been named in the UK government’s list of top 100 websites to purchase online.

It was compiled from responses to an online survey of 500,000 users.

The government says the survey is designed to help the public make informed decisions about how to buy, and to help retailers make better business decisions.

Here are some of the top picks: Best Buy Best Buy has been named the UK’s top online retailer, beating its rivals in terms of sales and sales-to-listing ratio, according to the online survey.

It also has the second highest average online purchase price (16.5p per unit) and third highest average sale price (25.5%) among the top 50 online retailers.

It has the third highest annual average profit margin (22%).

Microsoft Microsoft has been ranked as the UK top online company, beating all its rivals.

The online retailer’s sales and average sale prices were ranked at No.2 in terms for total sales, and No.4 in terms overall.

The survey found that Microsoft had the fourth highest average sales price per unit, and the sixth highest average purchase price per year.

Microsoft’s average profit per user, which is a measure of how much a user is making from their online purchases, was a solid number of pounds ($1.23 per user).

Google Google has been recognised as the world’s biggest online retailer and is the third largest online retailer in the world, according the survey.

Its sales and purchase prices were the third-highest in the survey, after Amazon and Apple.

It had the fifth highest average revenue per user and second-highest average annual revenue per customer.

Apple Apple was named the world leader in online sales and was the UKs top online player, beating other top online retailers, according a survey.

Sales of Apple’s online stores in the second quarter of 2018 was £5.2bn, according data from the firm.

Its average annual sales were £10.8bn, making it the largest online retail business in the country.

Google Google’s online sales in the first half of 2018 were £7.9bn, beating Amazon’s £5bn.

Google also had the sixth-highest sales per user (17.3p), according to research from the UK research firm IHS.

Amazon Amazon’s online revenues in the same period were £8.7bn, compared to £6.3bn for Google, according IHS data.

The top three biggest online retailers were Walmart, Amazon and Microsoft.

The UK government says that online retailing is the fastest-growing sector in the economy, with new stores opening every month.

It says that digital purchases made by shoppers have increased by 15 per cent in the last 12 months compared to the same time last year.

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